Mobile Friendly and Responsive Website Design in Boulder, Colorado


Google announced on February 26, 2015, they are releasing a new search engine that will factor whether or not a website is “mobile-friendly.” Websites that are mobile-friendly will benefit and rank higher. Websites that are mobile-unfriendly will be penalized in the search rankings. If you are interested further details on this, read this post about mobile traffic and search on my blog.

Now more than ever, mobile friendly and even “mobile first” is the standard in website design. There is more than one way to be mobile friendly, but the most common technical strategy is via “responsive design.” When you have a website that is built on a responsive design, the website “responds” to the device on which it’s being viewed. Your responsive website sends different instructions to a phone vs a tablet vs a desktop computer. Even the orientation of the mobile device, portrait vs landscape, has an affect on responsive website rendering.

If you are unsure if your website is mobile-friendly, just paste your web address into Google’s Tool.

Another way to tell how Google views you site is to do a search on a mobile device. Google is able to tell if the website is responsive or otherwise mobile friendly, and will tell the searcher in their results. Below is an example, in which I have circled  in red Google’s verdict:


Google shows whether a site is Mobile-friendly to you mobile device.


Do you want a new website? Do you need a new website? If so, one of the biggest considerations and questions when considering web design is “what will it cost?”

Designing and  building a website is somewhat like building a house. Ideas are sketched first by hand (often with crayons), then refined in a graphics program, and eventually given to a web developer who will bring the website to life on the internet.

The size of the site, complexity of layout and specific design features impact the overall production time and cost of construction. For example, a small or simple website with limited whizzy features and graphics takes less time to design, build and test than a large whizzy website that needs to be mobile or tablet oriented. Each project must be evaluated and priced individually to account for specific needs. A prefab mobile home and an Italian villa each have doors, windows and a roof, but rather different prices.

Like home construction, with web development you get what you pay for – but you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a really nice website. Even more important, for businesses, is the return on investment. We build websites that help businesses thrive. The business owner’s goal is to get more out than invested. Sound good? Let’s talk. 303-900-2039.