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SEOSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to techniques and strategies used to improve your ranking in the search engine results page (SERP). When someone searches for your business, product, or service, of course you want to be on the first page. This is sometimes easy and sometimes near impossible, and if anyone guarantees you first page or “top ranking” in Google, RUN THE OTHER WAY. Tricks and shortcuts that used to (sometimes) work are now more likely to get you penalized or even banned by Google.

SEO Basics: “Organic results” is an important SEO term. Organic results refers to the results in the main body of a search page. Search engines also return ads – or non-organic results – on the right side and on top of the main, organic search page. If a search engine thinks your website is most relevant to what someone is searching for, your site will be near or at the top.

Advanced SEO: Many things affect how Google calculates if your page is the best result. Your website’s content, the code, inbound-links, social media, user location, user device, time of day, an individual user’s past behavior and many other “signals” that impact the results you see. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, said their engineers changed the search algorithm 516 times in one year – and tested over 13,000 versions!

Only Google and Bing know the exact formulas for their Search Engine rankings, but the infographic below represents a pretty good guess.

seo factors infographic

Want more traffic to your website? Of course you do.  Is a dedicated SEO project right for you?  Maybe. Paid Search Engine Marketing sometimes is a better investment. Combining SEO and SEM can have a synergistic effect.

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