Content Development: Blogs

contentContent is king.  That’s according to Google.  Ignore at your own peril. There are good reasons that you need to develop high quality and unique content on your website:

  • As the level of search engine ranking sophistication grows, Google is rewarding websites for content quantity and quality.
  • As overall competition for the customer grows, your competition is developing more quality content.
  • Giving your visitor quality content creates a high quality user experience.

Depending upon how your site is built, retrofitting new content is sometimes a problem, and having to call your web developer every time you want to make an addition or change is often impractical. Not to despair!

You can simply add a blog to your website, allowing you to add content with ease.  Plus, you can configure the blog to “push” updates to your various social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many many more.

What would you write about in your blog?  It could be many things, depending upon your goals.

  • News regarding your industry
  • Updates about your products
  • Press/Media
  • Opinion pieces about topics relevant to your interests
  • Customer testimonials
  • Have a new video or commercial? Post it!

We can help you set up a blog on your domain, a secondary domain, or even give you a new website with an integrated blog on your current domain. We are available to discuss what’s the best option for your specific needs and goals.